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Escort GPS Defender Database Subscription is now free


Just received info Escort GPS Defender Database Subscription is now free

We will be moving to a free database subscription in 2014 for all our international GPS units. We have removed the e-commerce paid subscription option from our website last week so that December customers would not get upset in paying for a database that is free in just a few weeks. This free subscription applies to all previous and future INTL units. The end-user simply has to register their INTL GPS unit and download database updates. Register all INTL units on the appropriate sign-up page: EU for all of Europe, Israel and Russia, AU/NZ for Australia and New Zealand, and Asia for China.

The paid database removed from official  webpage

Now You have free 3 year update after register. Please select correct country & region  

You can choose European, Australia & New Zealand or Asia. Please be sure to register your overseas product with the region you prefer. Once you have registered you will not be able to download or install a Defender™ Database update for a different region. North American product still have 3 month free update


  • admin 25.10.2015, 19:52
    It is free for international units. You have to pay for USA database for USA units. We do not sell em. Before there was paid update for Europe and for less price Australian database. Now they are free
  • escorta 22.10.2015, 19:30
    just checked and they are still charging for the subscription!
  • admin 11.08.2014, 15:57
    in december 2013 Escort removed paid subscription for Europe regiona and for Australia / NZ. Now only US update for sale. Looks like it's lifetime now. But they can sell subscription again.
  • James bond 11.08.2014, 15:20
    Is it a "life time" subscription for free or "just" a 3 years subscription ?

    Thanks for your answer... ;-)

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