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Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia

This is not USA model. This unit equipped with International firmware. Works good on all European / Asian laser & radar guns. US model can not see some radars or lasers. You can not upgrade firmware - it's equipped from manufacturer. On this device you can update GPS database

Read more on Offical ESCORT International website

Now You have free update after register. Please select correct country & region  

Important! When Escort released newer model (max international) they downgrade firmware if do online update (maybe to old Escort 9500 ix intl became bad device & you go to shop and order new one). We recommend you if update online - please choose update only GPS database. And do not choose in menu update firmware & GPS. You can not downgrade to previous firmware.

You can choose European, Australia & New Zealand or Asia. Please be sure to register your overseas product with the region you prefer. Once you have registered you will not be able to download or install a Defender™ Database update for a different region. North American product still have 3 month free update

 PASSPORT 9500ix - the most advanced radar detector on the road includes: an ESCORT travel case, quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord®, comprehensive owner's manual and quick reference card.

AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection
AutoLearn uses our patented GPS technology to automatically "learn" (by exact location and frequency)
each radar signal and determines if it's a real threat.
The result is the most accurate long-range protection
in the industry and a permanent solution to false alarms.
You drive. It learns. End of story. Nothing could be easier.

  • Operating Bands
  • X-band: 10.525 GHz ±25 MHz
  • K-band 23.950-24.250 GHz (USA firmware have no such wide range)
  • Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ±1300 MHz
  • Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth

Web Ready
The PASSPORT 9500ix is the first radar and laser detector that can be easily updated using your computer and the power of the internet. Simply go online to download our Detector Tools program, connect the 9500ix to either a PC or Mac with an active internet connection and then download the most up to date locations. You can even back up your data or update the detector's operating software, (firmware), if needed. The database is updated weekly, and Escort provides 90 days of downloadable updates for free.

DEFENDER® Database Subscriptions
DEFENDER® Database Subscriptions are available to keep you up to date on future Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras.

High-Performance Laser Protection
PASSPORT 9500ix's multiple high-performance laser sensors
provide maximum laser warning, with superior off-axis protection. 


Simple and Intuitive Controls
The PASSPORT 9500ix can be set up for your specific type of driving and personal preference. Our Preferences option allows you to change several options, including which radar bands you'd like to monitor, which meter you would like to see when a signal is detected and whether you'd like to see your vehicle speed during the initial alert. Regardless of how you drive, we've got you covered.


Variable Speed Sensitivity - On Demand Performance
Our patented GPS technology allows the detector to provide alerts based on what the vehicle is actually doing. At highway speeds you need the best long range sensitivity you can get. At slower speeds, the sensitivity can be adjusted to further reduce unneeded alerts, especially when you're not at risk. We've even changed the actual alert to a short double-tone when your vehicle is moving less than 20 mph.

SpeedAlert™ Provides Vehicle Speed During Each Alert
The PASSPORT 9500ix radar detector provides all the information you need to make an intelligent decision during each and every alert. The radar or laser band, signal strength, and now your vehicle speed are displayed during an alert to help you make the best possible decision.

Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
PASSPORT's unique voice alerts provide clear communications for alerts and menu options. Now you can keep your eyes on the road without unnecessary distractions.

More info on Offical ESCORT International Units page

This device with international firmware. It’s not the same that sell on USA models. You can not change it by yourself. Difference with USA model is – wider range  & more PPS on lasers guns. Escort have POP1, POP2 option to catch more radar guns. Also K1, K3, K3 – it can help reduce false alerts. It have also up to 5 KHz laser receiver.  USA firmware is for North American market. International work on laser & radar guns all the world – in Europe, Asia – Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand etc. If you have questions please contact us.

MPN: PASSPORT 9500ix intl
UPC: 737795054412

499 $
Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia Escort Passport 9500ix international euro asia


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