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Valentine One V1 Euro

The last modell (year 2013) - version V1.85 w/ESP, software 3.894 .

Valentine One radar detector is one of the best detectors offered by . The Valentine One Generation 2 is accepted by press and public as the most powerful portable radar & laser detection system available. This Valentine One radar detector is one of the few radar detectors that have been designed with improved Multanova Speed Camera detection. Updated for 2002 with Ku band Mini Gatso detection and new compact design (now 25% smaller). Engineered without compromise or cost restrictions, it is constructed using the best of materials and includes a host of features exclusive to the Valentine brand. Valentine One is available with double radar antennas for radar detection up to 360 degree. V1 radar detector is also one of the best detectors in terms of laser detecting. There are various useful features and benefits of Valentine One radar detector such as exclusive Euro mode option which makes it suitable for the conditions of Europe, three logic modes for false alert reduction and a metal titanium case that has been made to military specifications. The V1 radar detector also includes front and rear facing detection antennas K, X, Ka, Ku and K/Ka POP3. It is completely imperceptible to the VG-2 Radar Detector Detectors of police and has 360-degree protection. Directional arrows of the Valentine One radar detector recognise the location of the radar source and this radar detector also has the capacity to identify audible and visual band. The Valentine One Generation 2 offers the following advantages over the out-going model. New Ku Band Detection of Mini Gatso New Compact design 25% Smaller, 20% Lighter X&Ka Bands have been deactivated to eliminate false alerts on these frequencies from mobile phones, automatic doors & other such devices Improved K Band performance. The Valentine One Euro is the European-tuned version of the Valentine One, which is one of the highest performing radar detectors on the market. It is identical to the standard Valentine One. On our "Euro V1", we enable Ku band detection and the V1's "Euro Mode" for both K and Ka bands.


  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Detects POP Mode
  • Directional Indicator
  • VG-2 Stealth
  • LED Display
  • Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator With 3 Modes
  • Bogey Counter
  • Rear Radar Antenna
  • Ku Band Detection
  • AutoScan™ Mode
  • Selectable Bands
  • 2 City Modes and Highway Mode
  • Earphone Jack
  • Audio Alert Only Mode
  • Visual Alert Only Mode
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • Auto/Bright/Medium/Minimum/Dark Display Settings
  • Auto Memory Retention
  • Software Upgradable
  • Fully Adjustable Audio Levels

Included with the Valentine One Euro:

  • Valentine One Radar Locator
  • Windshield Mount
  • Visor Mount
  • Lighter Adapter
  • Coiled Power Cord
  • Straight Power Cord
  • Spare Suction Cups
  • Direct-wire Power Adapter
  • Wiring-harness Connector
  • Spare Fuses
  • Owner's Manual
569 $


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